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  • EU-Ethiopia diplomacy: an age-long conundrum

    Ambassador Teshome Toga is Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the EU Institutions, the Benelux and Baltic countries.

  • Somaliland: beyond the quest for recognition

    Saad Ali Shire (PhD) is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Somaliland. Shire came to this post very recently by replacing his predecessor, Mohammed B. Yonis.

  • Staggering opposition

    Beyene Petros (Prof.) is the president of the Ethiopian Federalist Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek), one of the major opposition political parties in Ethiopia which is also a

  • How wide is poverty in Africa?

    The Economist magazine once called Africa “The Hopeless Continent”. Now the narrative has changed to “Africa Rising”. This contrast is what is actually happening on the continent.

  • The aftermath of COP21

    Mulugeta Mengist Ayalew (PhD), a lawyer by profession, is Associate Adviser in Climate Change and Environmental Affairs at the Office of the Prime Minister. Mulugeta took his first degree in law from Addis Ababa University, Law School.

  • Shifta Fras on the big stages: Ethio-Jamaican music sensation

    Described by media outlets as ‘the new talent’, the Ethio-Jamaican musician Shifta Fras is shining on the mainstream music scene.


Business & Economy


  • Shopping vis-à-vis conferences


    Addis Ababa has become a preferable destination for hosting international conferences related to business, economy and politics.

  • A diva in the making

    By Meheret Mokonnen


    “Man ale” and “Desta” are amongst her songs that are loved by her fans. Born in Gonder town of the Amhara Regional State, Abby Lakew is one of the young Ethiopian singers who grasped fame in a short time. She went to the United States at a young age where she started singing while she was in high school.

  • Ethiopian hip-hop at a crossroad

    Hip-hop, as music and culture was  formed during the 1970s when block parties became increasingly popular in New York City, particularly among African-American youth residing in the Bronx.

  • New trends in Addis weddings

    These days, weddings in Addis Ababa are best explained as being extravagant. The whole process is at times consuming way over a million birr. The traditional wedding activities are slowly fading into oblivion and new trends are creeping in with most of it copied from Western cultures and being customized to fit the Ethiopian audience, writes Tibebeselassie Tigabu.

  • Handicraft: vanishing traditional skill

    Handicraft has been a traditional pastime for Ethiopian mothers for many years. But, it is much more than a hobby, many claim.

  • Mercato’s minnows fighting for a place

    The holiday season upon them, Christmas shoppers have come out in number to one of the oldest and biggest markets in the capital—Mercato. Nevertheless, underneath the holiday shopping commotion, Mercato is exhibiting another dynamic: a process that is set in motion by the drive to transform Mercato and small vendors who struggle to find their place, writes Henok Reta.   


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