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  • South Korea: from model to partner

    Ambassador Shiferaw Jarso is Ethiopia’s ambassador to South Korea, a country which is said to be one of the models for Ethiopia in designing its industrial and manufacturing growth.

  • Lights, camera, action!

    Brent Quinn is a South African filmmaker and storyteller. Brent Quinn is a South African filmmaker and storyteller.

  • Having confidence in the potential

    Jin Kimiaki is chief country representative for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

  • A maestro for five decades

    Nobody fuses the sounds and rhythms of African, American and European music the way Mulatu Astatke does.

  • Defending the developmental approach

    Professor Go Shimada (PhD) is one of the Japanese scholars who have been advocating the introduction of Kaizen in Ethiopia.

  • Reviving the blossom

    Alem Weldegerima is director-general of the Ethiopian Horticultural Development Agency (EHDA), a government body solely dedicated to supporting the horticulture sector which incorporates flower, fruits and vegetables and the herbs sectors.


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  • Sri Lankans in Ethiopia

    If golden beaches, rising waves, misty mountains, mighty elephants, stealthy leopards, giant whales, a majestic past, lovely tea and warm smiles could sum up a country, that would be Sri Lanka.

  • From geeks to superstars: the tale of professional gamers

    Video game culture is s a worldwide new media subculture formed by video games.

  • Skating away in Addis

    The first skaters and skateboarding emerged probably around the 1940s and early 50s in the US following the ocean surfing magna in beaches of California, historical records indicate.

  • Dakar: embodiment of the true African essence

    With their awesome West African hospitality and colorful vibe, Dakarians, are pleasant people and good company.

  • An unforgettable journey to the land of Kunta Kinte

    With a warm climate year round and an abundance of beaches, The Gambia has become a popular budget tourist destination in recent years.

  • The loss of a legend

    Getatchew Mekurya, 81, Jazz Saxophonist Known for an Imposing Sound and Presence” was the title of the story The New York Times published in its New York edition on April 12, 2016.