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Holding legislature accountable

The recent political unrest and violent conflicts have shaken Ethiopia to its core. The political unrest in Oromia and Amhara regional states has not only claimed lives and property, but has contributed to the slowly building perception of insecurity in the country.

Unchartered waters: Public Private Partnerships

Ethiopia’s experimentation with developmental state model has been under the spotlight for more than a decade now. Over the years, debates have moved from delivering the needed development outcomes to that of sustainability; especially in terms of financing.

Rising trademark debacle

At global level the issue of intellectual property right or particularly trademark is an essential issue at the international business arena. Specially, over the couple of few years a battle over the trademarks between firms in USA and China has been a trending issue. Closer to home, the issue is actively pursued by the Intellectual Property Rights but when it comes to enforcement, the Office sees limitations its power.

Renewed diplomatic rivalry

Ethiopia-Egypt-Sudan relationship is an extremely complicated one by any standards. For ages, they have engaged in different wars, conflicts, and political quarrels against each other, and at times two of them allying against the other.

Fighting for breathing room

Following a lengthy and tiresome discussion to set the agenda, the ruling party EPRDF and some 16 opposition parties has started the formal session of so called political parties’ negotiation forum few weeks ago. And first up on the agenda was reforming the Revised Political Parties’ Registration Proclamation No. 573/2008. The agreed up on amendments, however, are criticized for placing stringent barrier to enter into the Ethiopian political system, Writes Neamin Ashenafi.   

Labor affairs

On the precipice of industrial transformation, Ethiopia has caught the eyes of some of the big players in the global light manufacturing supply chain.

Targeting the small fish?

In the middle of last week some 35 people were placed under custody in relation to corruption charges and were brought before court, which remanded them to custody until police complete their investigation.

High-end, high in demand

Back when the government announced the 40/60, 20/80 ad 10/90 housing schemes to address the ever-expanding demand for residential houses in Addis Ababa and large cities, the kind of turnout, which was expected at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, although high, did not match what was actually seen on the ground.