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09 November 2013 Written by 

New housing scheme for Diaspora

The government has unveiled a new housing scheme for the Diaspora community that can be applied for via embassies and consular offices in their adopted countries.

The newly identified ‘Diaspora Residential Housing Program’ enables them to join a union, consisting of 12 members, to increase organization and enhance their rights. The government has recently launched three housing schemes, notably the 10/90, 20/80 and 40/60 programs for Addis Ababa residents and members of the Diaspora.

However, more than 12,000 Ethiopians residing overseas have been waiting for the 40/60 scheme, registering their interest a few months ago. Although they are not required to join the latest Diaspora program, the government wants those registered under the 40/60 schemes to transfer to the new initiative, although this is not essential.

Director general of Diaspora Engagement Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Feisel Aliyi, advised Ethiopians living abroad to register for the new program.

Feisel indicated that the government has already engaged in facilitating housing to be built in regional states outside Addis Ababa, if they wish to own property in their respective birth places.

During the registration period everyone must pay at least 50 percent of the housing expenses, with the remaining amount payable when they take over the plot.