Recent News

  • The first year of the EPRDF controlled parliament

    Last week, the Speaker of HoPR, Abadulla Gemeda, closed the House for a two-month recess according to the rules inscribed in the parliamentary regulation of Ethiopia.

  • Bibi’s visit, the Arabs and the geopolitical dynamics

    Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, paid an official state visit to Ethiopia in an attempt to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

  • The Brexit quagmire:Could it reach Ethiopian shores?

    On May 23, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Granted the votes are merely advisory referendums, the impact of the decision looks to be reverberating across the global economy. 

  • War drums and centrifugal forces in Ethio-Eritrean conflict

    By Bruh Yihunbelay

    The second youngest African nation, Eritrea is once again struggling to extricate itself from a diplomatic and military quagmire after only two decades of an independent existence and a two-year border war with its southern neighbor, Ethiopia.

  • Are some refugees more equal than others?

    By Yonas Abiye 


    This year, the world has experienced a series of calamitous events related to terrorism, wars, and instabilities. By the same token, a new report from the UN revealed that there are now more refugees on Earth than ever before in human history.

  • Human rights in Ethiopia: a lot to be desired

    Almost two decades after the introduction of the FDRE Constitution, Ethiopia introduced the National Human Rights Action Plan which aimed at increasing the applicability of the human and democratic rights enshrined in the supreme law of the land. 

  • Winner takes all: The international arbitration game

    With increasing flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Ethiopia and the expectation of more in the near future, Ethiopia has no other choice but embrace a host of international rules and regulations.

  • Why Ethiopia is on track to become Africa’s industrial powerhouse

    By Jostein Hauge and Muhammad Irfan

    Ethiopia seems to be attracting the attention of economists interested in Africa, and for good reason. Except for Rwanda, Ethiopia is the only African country whose economic growth has been consistently high for more than a decade without relying on a natural resource boom.

  • Ethiopia’s alliance with global aviation industry

    The aviation industry is hampered by slim profit margins, forcing carriers to focus on both cost reduction and revenue growth through better customer interactions.

  • Short of expectations

    One year after the last salary and scale adjustment to the government employees was made the government proposed the long-awaited amendment to the employee tax schedule this week. Following the leaks on social media a few months ago, debates surfaced as to what this amendment entails to employees and their purchasing power by extension. Now with all rumors aside, the current amendment, which would be implemented next month, is something that is stirring another round of debates, writes Asrat Seyoum.

  • South Korea: miracle still unfolding

    Dubbed the miracle on Han River, South Korea’s growth narrative is the ultimate underdog story in development. Now wielding an economic power, which is the 11th largest in  the world, the country pulled off the unthinkable in a matter 60 years. In his recent visit to South Korea Asrat Seyoum of The Reporter observes that industrial clustering, innovation in textile industry and the so called Saemaul movement played pivot roles in the country’s development. And that Korea is still an evolving narrative.  

  • Catch 22: The audit report vs. the static predicament

    Ten missing cars and more than two billion birr unaccounted for. Lost, undocumented, misused, and damaged public properties. These were just some of the shocking facts revealed in the report of Gemechu Dubiso, Auditor General, on Tuesday in a presentation to Parliament. The concerns raised by Gemechu and the fact that it is getting  from bad to worse had MPs irritated. Subsequently, MPs called for swift action, reports Yonas Abiye.


  • Back to the motherland

    By Paul Schemm 

    The first time Abezash Tamerat returned to her native Ethiopia, she walked out of the airport terminal’s sliding doors only to turn around and walk right back in, briefly overwhelmed by the press of beggars and taxi drivers clamoring outside.

  • Birthplace of Christianity

    By Eden Zekarias 

    If you ask most people today where the first human being was found, chances are they can probably tell you Ethiopia. What's not so widely known is that Ethiopia remains home to the the oldest Christian tradition in the world. The ancient kingdom of Axum (located in modern-day Tigray) began the practice of Christianity as early as 1 AD, preceding Europe by 3+ centuries. Outside of Ethiopia, this knowledge has been 

  • Mothers’ Day: the Ethiopian version

    By Henok Reta

    Extracting the edible substance from Enset, one of the famous staple foods and an indigenous plant to Southern Ethiopia, is a rather complicated task to perform. Enset, a genus of Monocarpic plant and commonly referred to as the Abyssinia Banana or False Banana, is everything for the lives of the Gurage nationality and other ethnic groups in the South. According to studies conducted in the region, Enset is 

  • City streams as waste disposal canals

    By Henok Reta

    A lot has been said about Addis Ababa, the seat of the African Union (AU), one of the most peaceful cities in the continent and a city that is an embodiment of the “African Rising” narrative. Nevertheless, tidiness and waste management is definitely not one of the strongest suites of this city. Standing on the very street where AU’s new headquarters is located one can’t help but be bothered by the whiff of a strong nose- 

  • New life after battered journey

    By Henok Reta

    Elfinesh Wate, 22, recently overcame one of the most difficult challenges in her life: years-long battle against obstetric fistula. She underwent an hour-long surgery to get cured at Hamlin Fistula Care Center in Yirgalem, a small town in the Southern Regional State. Having lost her child during delivery, Elfinesh is to a large extent satisfied with the procedure. The young woman will be mourning the death of her newborn  


  • Transfer window opens as EPL gears up for new season

    The summer transfer window of Ethiopian Premier League opened on July 8 with big clubs busy scouting players from the topflight while others turning their eyes to the second and third leagues.

  • Fasil City earns topflight promotion

    One of the oldest clubs in North Ethiopia, Fasil City, have secured promotion to the Ethiopian Premier League after beating the Addis Ababa outfit, Ethiopia Insurance, 1-0 in Gondar in round 26 of the Ethiopia Higher League.

  • Two Ethiopian athletes banned over doping

    The Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF) has announced on Thursday July 14, 2016 that it has banned two Ethiopian athletes for four years from any athletics competition after their test results proved positive for use of Norandrosterone and 19-Noradrostenedione.