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Ending sexual harassment and abuse at the UN

For too long, nongovernmental organizations, global-governance institutions such as the United Nations, and others in the international community have failed to eliminate the culture of impunity surrounding sexual abuse and harassment.

Can fake news be outlawed?

French President Emmanuel Macron used the occasion of an annual New Year's press conference this year to propose a new law to prevent the spread of disinformation online. But even if France's restrictions work as intended, fake news is a global problem, and it will require a global solution, writes Raphaël Hadas-Lebel.

The paradox of learning and living democracy in Ethiopia

Recent developments in Ethiopia show that the government is determined to limit and even totally and abruptly impede internet connection. Thus, young people who are highly dependent on social media for discussion, communication and learning are being isolated from the various developments both inside and outside the nation.

The roots of Western tribalism

The nationalist, populist, anti-immigrant, and anti-globalization movements of the past few years have revived tribal politics, which favors in-group identity over civic bonds based on shared values.

Preventing the next African famine

After years of steady decline, the pace of global hunger is creeping up, and parts of Africa today are in the midst of the worst food crisis since World War II. Averting future famines on the continent is possible, but only if regional and global donors make the development of smallholder farming a high priority, write Stephanie Hanson and Whitney McFerron.

A climate cure worse than the disease

The climate policies lauded in Paris at the One Planet Summit this month are essentially high-cost, low-effect gestures. While the EU will devote 20 percent of its budget this year to climate-related action, even fully achieving the accord's emissions targets throughout this century would prevent just 0.053°C of global warming by 2100, writes Bjørn Lomborg.