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Is it unsafe to be a woman?

The issue of sexual harassment has been a hot media topic recently thanks to the increasing number of sexual allegations against Hollywood celebrities.

Keeping traditions in the midst of globalization

Two Christmases and one New Year after, festive and holiday moods are now over as we go back to business and life as usual. Although Christmas celebrations on the 25th of January (GC) and New Year celebrations on the 1st of January (GC) are not official holidays in this country, one cannot help but have a celebratory mood thanks to social media and celebration advertisements by the entertainment industry.

Are there Ethiopian tourists?

I have always wanted to travel to Europe or to the US. Back in the days, I used to say to a friend of mine that I will stop wishing for anything in life if only I could get the chance to travel abroad. Now that I think about it, I believe that my strong desire for travelling and visiting Europe or the US comes from all the nice goodies that I see that diaspora families bring when travelling back home.

Is unity an illusion?

The recent unrest among students in public universities was news that broke my heart. And I believe it did the same for other Ethiopians who deeply care about the peace and prosperity of their beloved country. What I particularly find unsettling is the lack of clarity and focus of the demands raised by the students to justify the unrest.

Are we equals?

Do we treat all humans as equals? That is the question that came to my mind after reading this wonderful Amharic novel entitled ‘Yewedianesh’ written by Hailemelekot Mewael. The book tells a story of a woman called Yewedianesh who worked as a maid in a feudal family residing in Addis Ababa. In the story, a love affair develops between Yewedianesh and one of the owners’ sons without the slightest knowledge of the parents, other family members and acquaintances.

Suicide: a permanent decision you will not live to regret

I recently watched a movie entitled ’13 reasons why’ telling the story of a high school student who committed suicide. As the story unrolls, audio cassettes recorded by the girl prior to her death explain the 13 reasons why she decided to kill herself. Although the story tells the typical daily life struggles of an American high school student, I strongly believe that the lesson that one gets from the story applies to each and every one of us in all walks of life and all nationalities.

Free of HIV/AIDS?

As part of the tradition of the World AIDS Day celebrations, I received a red ribbon to attach to my shirt and spread awareness about the disease. Although this might seem ignorant on my side, sometimes I get the feeling that the disease has been completely eradicated from the country.

Cleaning up the city

Thanks to the efforts of the local TV channel EBS, the issue of waste disposal and recycling is gaining attention among Ethiopian TV viewers. The TV program ‘Semonun Addis’ should particularly take the credit in this regard.


I have recently been thinking about the wishes (or dreams) and the actions that we all make as we go by each day. Each of us have a wish we would like to realize in life either in the long or short-term.

Shopping and more

Shopping is pretty much an activity that I love doing. I believe that ladies of all age would share this passion of mine.