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Educating the commonwealth

Since 1949, the Commonwealth's 53 states have led the world in addressing some of the most important human-development challenges.

The new global youth movement

Almost a century ago, Eglantyne Jebb, who founded Save the Children, said that the only language everybody could understand was the cry of a child.

The ethics of reducing inequality

At the same time that poorer countries have been catching up to wealthier countries, income and wealth disparities within countries have been rising to alarming levels.

“Taxing” a Charitable Body!

When a government organ is empowered to register, issue permit, control and supervise, it is also responsible to ensure that all entities registered by it are properly and lawfully carry out their activities and on the other hand provide appropriate safeguard or protection in times of difficulty, unauthorised interference or unwarranted action perpetrated on such bodies, by any individual, governmental or private organizations, writes Yohannes Woldegebriel.

A trade war on the world’s poorest

New obstacles to free trade not only make the world less secure. Protectionism also undermines the best opportunity to transform the lives of billions of the world’s poorest people and realize benefits worth trillions of dollars every year, writes Bjørn Lomborg.