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BusinessCommission unveils locally developed software to monitor, evaluate national plans

Commission unveils locally developed software to monitor, evaluate national plans

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MinT) has launched a new software that services the Planning and Development Commission to effectively evaluate and monitor key development goals of the country.

The digital platform, which will be measuring the performances of the upcoming 10 year economic development plan, was launched on Thursday. During the event, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen set out key performance indicators that are about to be implemented across economic, social and political sectors, by the executive branch.

Fitsum Assefa (PhD), Commissioner of the Planning and Development Commission (PDC), said that the digital platform will enable each reporting Ministries and Agencies have a digitized evaluation score card. And each public agencies and officials will be monitored and evaluated accordingly. The platform will have an interactive, well designed graphics and presentation of statistical data with analytical indices, as some of the features, the monitoring and evaluation platform is expected to offer.  

Previously, due to lack of effective monitoring and evaluation platforms, many of the Ministries were required to report at least for six entities starting from the Office of the Prime Minister to Members of Parliament. The new fully automated platform will have prior checklists and key performance indicators and the reporting agencies will be required to prepare master reports.

The platform will be providing the executive branch access real time data and provide well aligned reports. And once approved, will be made available to the public. Ethiopia will be having a national dashboard that provides a national economic growth data, sectoral performances and achievement related information with measures and score points in regards to set targets.

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Ministers of Science and Higher Education, Health, Transport and others have all expressed the potential benefits the platform could provide and its significance in generating hardly accessible vital information and data for decision making processes. Harmonized reports are about to be availed and that will eliminate drawbacks on report generating practices, said Dereje Duguma (MD), State Minister of Health.

The lack of available data has often derailed the decision making process among public agencies. Interoperable multi-sectoral digital platform, now, is to be operational once integration and alignments of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are uploaded.

According to Fitusm, a new directive has been issued to monitor and evaluate the deliveries of officials and their quality in executing KPIs. Failure to deliver intended targets and lack of leadership is going to be made public officials accountable. The monitoring and evaluation platform will rank achievements. The best achieving agencies will be scored green, then yellow for medium and red for underachieving KPIs. The digital platform is going to be operational in the next fiscal year.

Abraham Belay (PhD), Minister of MinT noted that there are several digital based technologies in the making, across the public sector and arming government offices with innovative digital systems, is where the Ministry is concentrating its efforts on.

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