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PoliticsAbiy reshuffles pack

Abiy reshuffles pack

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has appointed 10 government officials, reshuffling the pack yet again.

After much speculation over their souring relationship, PM Abiy and Lemma Megersa, one of the main drivers for change, parted ways, with the former removing him from his cabinet and replacing him with a new Defense Minister. Furthermore, the Oromia Prosperity Party has suspended Lemma from his position in its executive committee.

Abiy has appointed Kenea Yadeta (PhD) as the new defense Minister, putting to bed a protracted saga.

The PM, announcing his appointments on Monday, August 17, said that Takel Uma (Eng.) will head the new Minster of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas, ending his two year tenure as deputy mayor of Addis Ababa.

Takele was replaced by Adanech Abebe, becoming the first [Deputy] female Mayor to run the capital city. On the same day, Adanech was sworn-in by the City Council.

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Following the ceremony, the newly appointed deputy mayor pledged her commitment to transform the citys existing situation, making it better and more suitable for living, to all citizen of the country. In addition, she promised to bring about fundamental changes that improve the livelihood of residents living in poverty, reduce inflation, and improve housing problems, among others.

According to her, modernizing the city and completing ongoing projects as well as improving service deliveries are her top priorities.

Furthermore, the council has picked Jantirar Abay as the Public Services Institutions Coordinator, with a rank of Deputy Mayor.

Besides Lemma and Adanech, the PM has appointed Gedion Timothewos as the new Attorney General, replacing his former boss Adanech Abebe. Gedion was the deputy Attorney General for the past two years.

Reshuffling the pack further, Samuel Urkato (PhD) replaced by Takele, will head the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, replacing Hirut Woldemariam. In the same announcement, Hirut was assigned as the Social Sector advisor to the PM.

It is to be recalled that both Samuel and Hirut, former presidents of Wolayta Sodo and Wachemo universities, respectively, were first appointed by the PM in 2018, as part of the PMs gesture of appointing ministerial roles to people with no-political affiliation.

The other appointees include Tesfaye Daba, who was the Chair of Foreign relation Standing Committee in the House of People’s Representatives, takes on a new role as Deputy Attorney General along with Fekadu Tsega, also appointed as an additional Deputy Attorney General.

Yohannes Buayalew, who had been appointed to run the Meles foundation but refused to accept the then new post, has now been picked for a new role as Director General of Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute, replacing Hallelijah Lulle.

Meanwhile, Nigusu Tilahun, who has served as the Press Secretary Head at the Office of the PM over the past two years, has assumed a new role as Commissioner of Job Creation Commission replacing Efrem. Efrem had resigned from his post two weeks ago.

Endawek Abte, who was the Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa under Takeles leadership, is appointed as the Deputy Director General to the state conglomerate Metals Engineering Corporation.

Accordingly, Kenea, Takele and Gedeon – automatically join the Council of ministers- filling the space left by Lemma, Adanech and Hirut.

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