Wednesday, December 6, 2023
SocietyMultichoice looks to support Journalists

Multichoice looks to support Journalists

MultiChoice is looking at finding ways to honor and support African journalists across the continent. This comes as the recognition – CNN Multichoice African Journalist awards – in partnership with CNN ended abruptly in 2016 which would have been 22 years in service.

“We are looking at ways we can support the journalism field in Africa and we have been looking for new partnership to move forward and we will have something to say on it soon,” General Manager, Gelila G. Michael of MultiChoice Ethiopia told The Reporter at media availability on Monday inside Hyatt Regency.

Among those honored in the past was Woubshet Taye of Awramba Newspaper in 2013, who was then imprisoned and was honored with the ‘Free Press Award.’ “The judges make this award in recognition of Taye’s work and in solidarity with his condition,” his citation read.

The local distributer of MultiChoice, Digital Satellite Television (DStv) is finding fast growing customer base interested in local productions, in the local dialect of Ethiopia with growing spending power.

Among its services, it has a 24 hour local music channel, educational program, international movies and football channels dubbed in Amharic, competing with Kana and with local commentators.

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The new plan which the company described as “friendly and affordable” is to be available from 220 Birr to 550 for its premier programs, such as European football and has named them as Dstv Gojo, Dstv Family and DStv Meda as part of a package plan and has named the campaign “Egan Yehonewu Man Newe”.

MultiChoice is a dominant force within Africa and is operational in 13 Sub-Saharan Africa countries and is a listed company at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. 

As part of its corporate responsibility mantra, the company that has been in Ethiopia since 1992, teamed up with the University of Pretoria and established a Research Chair in Machine Learning, to help develop Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology and provides various scholarships with students.

“Our commitment to Ethiopia can been (sic) seen through our tenure. Unlike many other businesses we remained in the country since we launched our local operation nearly 30 years ago. We have built a truly Ethiopian business which has delivered solid results for us over the years,” said Calvo Mawela, Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Group.

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