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Speak Your MindNew Year resolution

New Year resolution

I aspired to be inspired by inspirational people in the Ethiopian year 2012. That was my goal for the year, and even wrote a blog about it. Learning from the best and those whom I considered my role models was my objective for the year. I am not sure if I realized my goal though, partly due to my reluctance to exposing myself to inspirational people and partly because I found out that the people whom I was eager to learned from were not as I expected them to be. Am not really the kind of person who would set goals and milestones each time the New Year comes, but for 2012 I just thought I should try it. As the Ethiopian year 2012 winds up leaving the place to the year 2013, people reflect on their achievements in the completed year and set new goals for the New Year. I hope you guys found the past year quite successful and wish for the New Year to be one filled with new successes.

Without sounding too negative, I have to say that the year 2012 was not the best year for us Ethiopians. I am saying this at a national level. With the Corona virus taking its toll on the economy and social dynamics in the country and the politics on the lives and hard earned properties of the citizens, it makes one wish for the year 2013 to be nothing like the year 2012. I had feared the consequences of the national election which was planned to take place at the end of the previous year. As we all know, history has it that national elections in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa rarely take place in a peaceful manner, without turmoil and destructions. Although I shouldn’t be saying this, thankfully, we are given more time before the stress of elections shadows the country. Now that the state of emergency declared because of Covid-19 has been lifted, I expect the elections to take place this New Year and can only wish for it to go without a single person having to lose their lives and properties.

I believe that one can only better themselves if they are willing to learn from their past mistakes and limitations. Making New Year resolutions without reflecting on the achievements and mistakes of the passing year is like walking on a treadmill, tiring oneself but reaching no destination. To change for the better, the first thing that one needs, in my opinion, is the strong will and determination to change. What should come after that is a reflection on the factors that were limiting one from changing for the better that is past mistakes and limitations. Then come action plans and milestones to reach the intended change considering one’s financial or other capacities to realize the planned actions and milestones.

I wish for the year 2013 to be a year the spread of the Corona virus is put to an end, and we finally get to satisfy our social yearnings, the social animals that we are. I wish for the New Year to be a year we do not hear about a single death caused by the greed of selfish politicians. I wish for the year to be a year blessed with heath, prosperity, peace, unity and love among our fellow citizens! I wish for our government, in its New Year resolution, to heartedly resolve to truly care for its citizens!

Contributed by Tsion Taye

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