Monday, May 20, 2024
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Ethiopia Will Surely Prevail

As Ethiopians, we are passing through a painful and excruciating time in modern history of the country. To my knowledge, our nation is visibly being faced with one of the most astounding and dangerous political fractures and uncertainties  in historic proportion.  Ethnic clashes are rampant and spreading across the country uncontrollably.  The intensity and depth of conflicts are growing from time to time.  The killing of people in the Oromia, Tigray and Amhara regions especially the over a thousand innocent people in Maykadra who were slaughtered in broad light by criminals primarily masterminded by the TPLF and the killing of nearly two hundred innocent and defenceless civilians, burnt alive and thrown in a mass grave are still  shocking, naked and fresh in our memory.  How and why fellow humans would commit that kind of barbaric crime is still unclear and a difficult question to answer.

Ethiopia’s destabilization in the horn of Africa can fume and ultimately trigger a regional conflagration.  Its geo-politics is so volatile and highly sensitive and demands wisdom to handle.  The horn of Africa geographically  houses a one time failed state Somalia which became a breeding ground  for terrorist organizations like al qaeda since three decades ago.  Ethiopia’s  strategic importance in the region in terms of maintaining peace and security and continental role is enormously significant because of its influence politically, diplomatically and militarily.  At one time it was able to penetrate into somalia and its forces toppled an islamic government in power backed by alqeada and replaced it with a transitional government.  In other words, it performed an Operation Regime Change.

Ethiopian prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed made substantial reforms after assuming power in 2018 in various government structures that could possibly take the country to a better destiny.  The problem is that the captain carries some dangerous disguised crew members onboard the ship.  Some of his government and party officials secretly work for mr. Abiy’s rivals.  They have been executing plans and strategies to trigger unrest and violence in the country systematically help his opponents put the blame on Abiy’s government.  Their untrustworthiness and risky political misconduct finally produced destruction and genocide in the country.  Their network with these destructive forces has been so complex for the intelligence and law enforcement to uncover their mysterious operation.  I said it before and I will say it again that mr. Abiy should do something serious about  this dangerous group.

It is not long when we witnessed at one time what the oromia region police commissioner, general Kemal Gelchu, in a coordinated dirty political effort with Jawar Mohammed, did when criminal gangsters and so called protesters started to killing innocent people including pregnant women and elderly citizens.  This general deliberately failed to give orders for his regional forces to enforce law and order in those crime areas.  The police stood silent when atrocities were committed by killers.  The perpetrators, I believe, and those behind them will be brought to justice.  It is only a matter of time. 

Now that the TPLF is gone and its leaders are being captured, the country is shifting to another political dimension.  The next very decisive measure would be to change the constitution.  This very constitution was a destructive weapon craftily formed by the TPLF to systematically shift the country to the direction of their venomeous party agenda.  Under the pretext of democratic federalism and self autonomy, they prepared a dangerous political tool that could possibly see the country in total disintegration. For them to cling in power and prolong their political dynasty for the next 150 years as they claimed for a number of times, this constitution was erected as a pillar of the nation at the expense of our national existence and soverneighty.

Changing the constitution especially article 39 means saving the country from potential break up in the horn of Africa as this particular article allows regions to secede only for political gain by people like Jawar Mohammed, a so called activist and politician who has been working so closely with the TPLF in an effort to create chaoes and unrest in most parts of the country to topple Abiy’s government.  This is the guy whose dream is to ultimately see an Islamic Oromia State  detached from Ethiopia.  He engineered illegal protests in parts of the Oromia region using innocent but destructive force, brainwashed, co-ordinated and financed by him.  He used them to make the country upside down, to create mistrust and disunity between the government and the Ethiopian people and to satisfy his boiling hunger for political power.  But he was not alone.  He was doing it in collaboration with the TPLF mastermind and  few corrupt public officials positioned in different government structure as I tried to indicate above.

The process of political filtration within the government system is a hurdle business.  It cannot be done in one night or in one month or even in one year.  It may take more than that. It is also true that the government has launched this particular operation to trim off some bad apples from regional administrative levels as part of the government’s offensive on corruption and mal- administration. This will give others a serious wake up call to be careful while discharging governmental duties. This is about honesty, respect, commitment and professionalism in serving a nation.

Our external foes are taking advantage of internal conflicts here and there.  These particular conflicts and violence are actually triggered, orchestrated and sponsored by themselves in strong alliance with evil domestic political forces who have no shame at all working against their own country.  The TPLF, in its deepest ambition to seize power again after 27 years of reign made an unforgettable attack on our people for once again.  Causing ethnic and religious clashes is the best weapon and method for the TPLF and its comrades to see more bloodshed in the country and thereby systematically undermining the government’s efforts to create peace, security and stability.

 Our internal enemies are now tirelessly working with our external enemies mainly with Egypt and Sudan executing their dreams of seeing a weak, poor and fragmented Ethiopia in the course of time. But they will never ever be successful because the God of Israel and His Mighty Hand is always and always with our beloved country, Ethiopia.  His promise and covenant with Ethiopia will remain unshakeable. (Psalms 68:31)  

Ed.’s Note: The writer can be reached at [email protected]. The views expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter.

Contributed by Feleke, Zerihun

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