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PoliticsOpposition party condemns the killing of ethnic Amharas in Oromia

Opposition party condemns the killing of ethnic Amharas in Oromia

The All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) condemned the recent killing of ethnic Amharas in Horou Goduru Zone in Oromia Regional State, pointing its fingers at the federal and regional government for the killings and destruction of property.

Leaders of one of the oldest opposition political parties in Ethiopia briefed both local and international media about the incident on Thursday, March 11, 2021, at the headquarters of the party located around Tewodros Square.

Denouncing the killings of 70 civilians who are ethnic Amhara, Abraham Getu, Vice President of the Party, said many more people remain abducted and their properties are either looted or burned down to ashes.

As the ongoing attacks and massacres of innocent civilians are becoming recurrent, the party blamed the government for its lack of determination to address the problems.

“What the government lacks in its effort to protect civilians is not capacity, it is lack of earnest willingness to do so,” the party said.

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The party called on the government to take all the necessary legal measures on the perpetrators and protect innocent civilians from further attacks and atrocities.

Asked by The Reporter why they insist the government take legal action while they blame it for not being willing to end the killings, Abraham responded “The ultimate responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens from any kind of attacks. And measures should be taken whether the government is weak or strong. Yet, in the past three years, we have noticed there is lack of willingness from the government’s side to do so.”

The party further said it is very difficult and naive to think and talk about the upcoming general elections while civilians are killed and displaced just because of their identity.

“Even though we are still on board to take part in the upcoming general elections, the ongoing massacre of civilians is so worrisome and needs to be addressed before things go out of control,” Abraham remarked.

Furthermore, the party blamed the government for its failure to identify its priorities.

“The incumbent is busying itself with the construction of parks and resorts, while failing to protect citizens from fatal attacks. This is so shameful and frustrating,” the party said.

AEUP was initially founded as a regional party and was named All Amhara Unity Organization (AAUO) by the late surgeon, Asrat Woldeyes (Prof.) in 1992. However, later on, the party transformed itself to a national party and rebranded itself into the All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP) in 2003. The party is also one of the four parties that founded the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), a dominant political force during the controversial and historical 2005 elections.

Few months ago, the party agreed to establish a coalition with Balderas for Real Democracy (Balderas), a newly established party founded by Eskinder Nega, in its endeavor to take the initiative of creating a unified opposition camp that aims to compete with the ruling party in the upcoming general election.

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