Thursday, February 2, 2023
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SocietyFirm helping youth land jobs

Firm helping youth land jobs

Info Mind ( has come up with a new plan to engage and help new university graduates transition to employment. This comes as the country is investing billions to address the chronic shortage of employment opportunities for young people in the country.

A nation aspiring to become industrialized and one engaged in revamping the educational sector to create job opportunities for millions, Ethiopia has faced challenges in meeting the expectations and ambitions of its educated youth. According to Info Mind, “Some of the factors contributing to this are lack of proper guidance on career choice, lack of basic skills required on the job market, lack of practical experience while in school and lack of awareness on how to look for jobs”.  

Aspiring to be a hub for both employees and employers,, a subsidiary of Ethiojobs, is about to launch a pioneering program in the country. It is set to embark on a nationwide tour and meet students at job fairs that would include workshops on job searches and personal development skills.

According to Siham Ayele, project manager with, the objective is to impart know-how on seeking opportunities and networking skills. The tour is to kick-start in Kombolcha on May 27th, and then head to Hawassa on June 12th, Bahir Dar on June 20th, Addis Ababa on June 23rd, Jimma on June 27th and Mekelle on June 30th. It is hoped that thousands of young people would take advantage of the opportunity.

“This is to be job skills 101, where we give the youth the foundation they need to be job ready as soon as they graduate from their universities,” Siham told The Reporter. “This way, their chances of being unemployed for longer period of time decreases, giving them ample opportunities to navigate the system early and head-on.”

 Info mind Solutions (IMS) is a pioneer human resources institution founded in 1998. It has been used by multinationals as well as NGOs as foreign investors and donors continue to be engaged more in the country. 

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