Monday, December 4, 2023
BusinessCity administration avails 138 hectares of land

City administration avails 138 hectares of land

Addis Ababa City Administration availed 138 hectares of land to religious organizations, businesses, industries and entities involved in social activities.

In a discussion held with different stakeholders, the City Administration announced a decision was made to avail land for 10 religious organizations, the African Union Commission, Non-governmental organizations, manufacturing industries and hotels.

Announced by Adanech Abiebie, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa with the rank of a Mayor, the move is part of the city administration’s attempt to reform the land management system in the capital.

“After clearing the land which was under the control of illegal holders, we have identified potential developers and decided to avail the land in a special arrangement,” said Adanech. She added “We have made the decision with trust that the identified developers would use it for the right purpose.”

About 54 plots covering 12.1 hectares of land have been transferred to religious institutions, while three hectares of land has been allotted to 10 charities that provide assistance to vulnerable groups, including children, mothers and the elderly.

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In the same fashion, 53 hectares of land have been availed to 59 manufacturers based on the recently approved lease prices, according to Milkessa Jagema (PhD), Head of Addis Ababa Land Management Bureau. Additionally, 27.3 hectares of land has been availed for the development of 27 mixed apartment and hotel projects.

Moreover, the City Administration has readied 17 hectares of land for 18 five star hotel and mall construction projects, while 28 hectares of land has already been availed for the recently launched construction project of Roha Medical Campus. According to the City Administration, IGAD’s Cancer Excellence Centre will get 47.9 hectares of land. The African Union Commission will get 913 square meters of land with a lease price of USD 2,213.

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