Thursday, August 18, 2022
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    SocietyEthiopia tops list for global future Policy Award

    Ethiopia tops list for global future Policy Award


    World Future Council listed Ethiopia as a top candidate for the global future Policy award.

    According to the statement from the German based independent organization sent to The Reporter, the award celebrates the most effective policy solutions that minimize the adverse effects of exposure to chemicals on human health and the environment.

    Other best policy countries shortlisted for the award include Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, India, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and the USA.

    Of the 12 Policies from 5 continents, Ethiopia’s policy in the category of Lead in Paint has been noted.

    It can be recalled that the Ethiopian Council of Ministers issued a Lead in Paint Control Regulation No. 429/ 2018 which bans the manufacture, import, export, wholesale, distribution, and sale of any paint with a lead concentration above 90 parts per million (ppm).

    According to the WHO, lead is among one of the top ten chemicals of major health concern.

    The regulation enacted by Ethiopia prohibits the total concentration of lead in paint or any paint product that uses lead as an input not to be above 90 parts per million.

    It enforces responsible labeling, ensures the disposal of paints that use lead in an environmentally sound manner, obliges building owners to examine the concentration of lead in paint before demolishing a building, and places the responsibility to reduce exposure and prevent harm, particularly against children, on producers.

    “Every day, our rights are violated by the exposure to toxic chemicals and pollution. Especially children are disproportionately affected”, said Alexandra Wandel, Executive Director of the World Future Council, adding, “We are congratulating Ethiopia for its visionary policy in the field of protection from lead in paint. Policymakers across the globe should learn from Ethiopia’s policies and their successful implementation.”

    Over 55 policies from 36 countries were nominated for the Future Policy Award 2021.

    The annual award, often referred to as the Oscar on Best Policies, is the first and only award that celebrates policies for the benefit of present and future generations on an international level. 

    The winners will be announced in late June 2021.

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