Tuesday, May 30, 2023
PoliticsThe absence of election officers at Yeka polling station 7 disrupts voting...

The absence of election officers at Yeka polling station 7 disrupts voting  

The absence of election officers at the sub-polling station of Yeka constituency 28 polling station 7 until mid day disrupted voting.  

Addis Damte, coordinator of the polling station, told The Reporter that 1,700 voters were registered in polling station 7 with the presence of more voters leading to the creation of a sub-polling station. Despite the assignment of five election officials to the sub-polling station, they failed to appear on Election Day.  

Addis stated that they divided election officials at polling station 7 into two to start election at the sub-polling station. However, there have been more irregularities at the sub-polling station. Addis told The Reporter that the ballot papers sent to the sub-polling station are way lower than the number of voters. 250 ballot papers were sent to the sub-polling station that has 481 registered voters. Addis indicated that they notified the NEBE of their predicament and are waiting for additional ballot papers from the Board after acquiring positive response from its high officials.  

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Election representative of candidate Deacon Daniel Kibret who runs at the polling station confirmed the problem to The Reporter

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