Sunday, September 25, 2022
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    SportSix clubs to compete in Hawassa to replace Tigray clubs

    Six clubs to compete in Hawassa to replace Tigray clubs

    The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) stated that six football clubs are set to faceoff in Hawassa City to replace clubs from Tigray region that are currently unable to take part in the upcoming Betking Ethiopian Premier League competition.

    Mekele City, Suhul Shire, and Adigrat University football clubs were unable to take part in last season’s competition due to the war between the central government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

    Hence, the relegated teams Adama City, Jimma Aba Jiffar, and Wolkite City of the 2020/21 Betking EPL season and the higher league third group runner-ups Kolfe Keraneyo Sub city, Durame Ambiricho, and Electric are set to compete in Hawassa to replace the clubs from Tigray region.

    The EFF, which is in charge of the six-club tournament, is also carrying out pre-competition activities, selecting senior and assistant referees, who are international match officials, to ensure fair competition.

    The EPL Share Company announced it will give another chance to higher league clubs to replace clubs from the region. Originally, 16 clubs competed in the league, but due to the law enforcement operations, only 13 clubs took part in the competition. However, it was stated that there is still a chance for the clubs from the region to join in the coming season.

    The competition is set to take place from June 24 to July 11, 2021, in Hawassa City.

    If the likes of Kolfe Keranyo Sub city and Durame Ambiricho football clubs manage to progress, it will be the first time they will participate in the EPL.

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