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SocietyCity prepares transport strategy to combat air pollution

City prepares transport strategy to combat air pollution

The Addis Ababa Transport Bureau prepared a comprehensive strategy as part of its ten-year transport sector plan which aims to combat air pollution caused by vehicles in Addis Ababa. 

According to Aregawi Maru, the communications director at the Bureau, the strategy was prepared based on the bureau’s ten-year roadmap and the national transport strategy.

He said that the strategy will be purposeful and effect change since it takes into account various consultative meetings between concerned stakeholders over the past year.

He added the strategy will be functional from 2021 to 2030 along with the wide range activities of gas emissions in the capital.

Aregawi noted that the share of the transport sector accounts for 70 percent of environmental pollution, which the strategy aims to reduce to 45 percent within ten years of the strategy’s implementation, which includes promoting trends like non-motorized transport.

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The strategy has been presented for discussion and the remaining documentation works will be wrapped up by the end of the budget year and implementation of the strategy will begin in the New Year.

According to Aregawi, the latest strategy targets to reduce urban transport environmental pollution-related health problems.

Similarly, the strategy has intended to build sustainable and suitable transport alternatives including electrified vehicles and newly fabricated motors, and increasing mass transport schemes.

Reducing over 60 percent of dilapidated vehicles from the city highways is among the strategies, which the city administration identifies as an issue to be resolved in its ten-year transport strategy.

The transport infrastructure design and development strategy considers future environmental suitability and an enduring environmental pollution resilient infrastructure through the reduction of polluting vehicles and green transport corridors.

Statistics from the transport bureau indicate that the number of vehicles registered in Addis Ababa has increased by approximately 27 percent over the last seven years.

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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


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