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BusinessBureau targets 20 billion birr in first four months

Bureau targets 20 billion birr in first four months

The Addis Ababa City Administration Revenues Bureau announced it plans to collect 20 billion birr in taxes during the first four months of the new Ethiopian Fiscal Year that started this week on July 8, 2021.

In an event held at Eliana Hotel on July 7, 2021, head of the Revenues Bureau, Mulugeta Tefera said that the bureau achieved its plans to collect 42.4 billion birr from taxes during the Ethiopian fiscal year that just ended.

“Considering the progress achieved in the last fiscal year, the bureau aims to collect 20 billion birr in the first four months of the new fiscal year that starts tomorrow, July 8, 2021,” Mulugeta explained.

Out of the total amount, Mulugeta further indicated, the bureau intends to collect 5.3 billion birr, 3.2 billion birr and 2.9 billion birr in July, August and September respectively, with the largest portion of the revenue, which is 8.4 billion birr, expected to be collected in October 2021.

Due emphasis is given to making the tax collection system more flexible, avoiding long queues at the end of each month (tax payment time), and putting in place a digital system that will be deployed especially for those taxpayers labeled under category C, the official underscored during the event.

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Furthermore, Mulugeta highlighted, in an effort to make the process simpler and more accessible, the bureau is planning to send SMS messages that show detailed information of the tax including the amount of money that the category C taxpayer is expected to pay.

The bureau managed to collect 42.4 billon birr in the fiscal year that concluded this week, which is tantamount to achieving 100 percent of its intended target for the year, according to Mulugeta.

He attributed the achievement to the bureau’s points of focus such as: providing better services, strengthening institutional performances, and collecting better income in every field, among others.

It is to be recalled that the bureau waived some 10 billion birr worth of unpaid taxes as part of the COVID-19 stimulus package. Due to the move, Mulugeta indicated, 6,700 taxpayers benefited and remained in the tax system.

Currently, there are 418,133 registered taxpayers under the Bureau. Out of the total, 73,294 are category A or large taxpayers, while 45,875 are category B or medium taxpayers and the remaining, 298, 964 fall under category C or small taxpayers.

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