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Businessethio-telecom braces for competition

ethio-telecom braces for competition

ethio-telecom, the state-owned telecom operator, announced it has designed a competitive strategy to extend its presence in the sector which has recently been liberalized.

Availing the annual performance of ethio-telecom on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, at Hyatt Regency Hotel, CEO of the company, Frehiwot Tamiru said that it is ready to compete with the new operators that are set to join the telecom industry.

“Since a competition needs a prudent and tactful marketing and service strategy, ethio-telecom has designed an aggressive and self-protective strategy that helps retain its customers and exploit the market, making it a better competitor,” Frehiwot emphasized.

Prior to the announcement of an expression of interest for the telecom operator, the company discussed renting its infrastructure with potential operators and the operator that was granted a new nationwide telecom license, the CEO recalled.

Hence, having an already built and growing infrastructure, an alternative means of generating income can be found in the way of leasing infrastructures.

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“The company has been undertaking a wide range of projects and operations to expand telecom infrastructures and systems, to improve the quality of service and increase the outreach to the community,” Frehiwot said.

ethio-telecom has conducted vast reform activities and introduced advanced technology to attain its strategic objectives and prepare for the looming competitive market. The activities include enhancing customer experience and satisfaction through ensuring operational excellence, deploying new and enhanced infrastructure and systems, service availability, quality, affordability, effective resource utilization and enhancing financial capacity. Leadership and staff capacity building and empowerment, and building a reputable brand were also among the priorities set by the state giant.

The company has earned a total of 56.5 Billion birr in revenue, achieving 101.7 percent of its target. That is said to be an 18.4 percent increment over the previous fiscal year, offering 34 new and 28 revamped local and international products and services.

Regarding the sources of income, Frehiwot said, mobile voice accounts for 47.5 percent of the total revenue, while Data and Internet contribute to 27 percent. International business shares account for 11 percent, while value added service accounts for 9.5 percent and the remaining five percent comes from other sources.

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