Sunday, August 14, 2022
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    PoliticsHigh Hopes

    High Hopes


    It was one of the accustomed events under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) press secretariat’s Addis Wog venues. It was also different. Panelists from the Office, the military, the Planning and Development Commission and the Civil Service Commission talk of novelty of the new government and new promises. Fiseha Yitagesu, a State Minister within the PMO said the government would work to bring about reconciliation through national dialogue to enrich the state building path the country is pursuing. Fikreyesus Kebede (Col.), Director of Research and Development with the Ethiopian National Defense Forces highlighted the regional and national security dynamics and how the new government would enhance the country’s deterrence and winning capabilities. Fetsum Assefa (PhD), Minister in charge of the Planning and Development Commission said the country plans to pursue a path of prosperity through inclusive growth where the private sector plays prominent roles. She highlighted that, despite security and foreign relations challenges, the country will pursue the aspiration of becoming a beacon of African prosperity. Bezabeh Gebreyes, Commissioner for Civil Service Commission, detailed plans to reform service provision by the government including standards of professional civil service and automating some of the governmental services intended to deter corrupt practices. While some attendees wondered how flexible the plans made by the government are and how the civil service would be reformed so that it can fit those aspirations of state-building, others suggested that high hopes those promises would create among the public could lead to disappointments in case the promises are not delivered. Fetsum was adamant that the government does not want to water down prosperity by using words such as poverty reduction and the like. Hence, although it creates high hopes, the achievements in sectors like agriculture will be motivations to working towards the targets set in the ten-year development plan that entered into force in 2020.

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