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BusinessBureau collects 12 bln birr in first quarter

Bureau collects 12 bln birr in first quarter

The Addis Ababa Revenue Bureau collected 12 billion Birr in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. The Bureau also claimed to be pushing for strengthened efforts to notify Grade A taxpayers of their taxes and collect the taxes until the November 9, 2021 deadline.

Mulugeta Tefera, who was re-appointed last week to head the Bureau for another term, told The Reporter that expanding the task base in Addis Ababa has been one of the major activities carried out in the current fiscal year. The measures taken in this regard include incorporating non taxpaying members of society into the tax system and raising the number and kind of activities included in the tax system.

The Bureau plans to collect 48.5 billion birr in the entire fiscal year. The Bureau head indicated that one of the basic activities undertaken to realize the plan is to strengthen the relationship between the Bureau, the taxpayer community and other stakeholders.

The Bureau has gone a bit more than its plan for the first quarter as it collected 12.26 billion birr, 5 percent more on its original plan of 11.59 billion birr.

Compared to the same period last year, the revenue collected during the three months has increased by 40 percent, Mulugeta underscored. Mulugeta attributed the success to awareness creation activities conducted by the Bureau, which were strictly enforced starting from the last fiscal year.

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The Bureau announced that the process of collecting taxes from Grade “C” and “B” taxpayers that kicked off in July ended successfully in August and September, respectively. During this period, the Bureau planned to collect 8.7 billion birr from both tax categories. It, however, managed to collect 10.4 billion birr during this period, achieving 119.8 percent of its plan.

The revenue collected by the Bureau in the last two months of the 2013 Ethiopian fiscal year stood at 7.5 billion birr, showing an increase of 2.9 billion birr compared to the same period last year, the bureau said.

According to Mulugeta, the e-tax system, which the Bureau launched to fully automate the system for higher taxpayers, has also contributed to the on time payment of taxes by taxpayers. That, he said, helped the Bureau collect more taxes in Addis Ababa.

However, the collection of the 12.2 billion birr in the current fiscal year was not free of hurdles and the Bureau mainly faced rampant issuance of fake receipts in the city as a major challenge.

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