Wednesday, December 6, 2023
PoliticsTesting new waters

Testing new waters

The new House of People’s Representatives approved the cabinet proposed to it by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on Wednesday October 6, 2021. Although expectations of a more new looking cabinet were rife, the PM’s proposals featured familiar faces in most of the 22 Ministerial positions. However, there was still room for a major breakaway from earlier trends of appointing people from one’s own party. Accordingly, three opposition leaders assumed Ministerial roles in the new cabinet. This unprecedented move has been widely taken as a positive step in the right direction. In addition to providing opposition politicians with a hands on experience in public administration, it could also allow the incumbent raise its effectiveness by nominating better leaders in to positions that fit them. After making bold promises about creating an efficient government this time around, the new government has picked up the group of people who are going to move the state machine. The major task ahead for them would definitely be ensuring peace throughout the country, although tackling other major economic and social problems would be just as daunting.

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