Saturday, August 20, 2022
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    PoliticsCouncil calls on international community to respect Ethiopia's sovereignty

    Council calls on international community to respect Ethiopia’s sovereignty


    The Ethiopian Political Parties’ Joint Council, which consists of more than 50 parties, stated that a “destructive” interference by the international community in Ethiopia is not acceptable. The council further urged the international community to respect the sovereignty of Ethiopia mentioning its own capabilities of solving its own problems.

    “All countries and institutions that are zealous for the rule of law and democracy should condemn this interference,” the council said.

    In a statement issued on November 18, 2021 the council condemned the federalist/confederalist coalition that was formed on November 5, 2021 in Washington, USA.

    The council’s deputy chairperson, Abdulqadir Adem (PhD) said “Power should only be seized through a legitimate and legal political process,” adding political forces have to engage in the country’s political process to effect change, even if the process has problems.

    The council’s statement, which listed five points and agreed to emphasize in its executive and standing committee’s emergency meeting, called on all to be “vigilant and organized,” to protect Ethiopia from “troublemakers” both inside and outside the of the country.

    The council also urged the government to take “great care” to ensure abuse of innocent civilians does not happen in the execution of the nationwide State of Emergency, “Especially [on] those of Tigrayan origin” the council underlined.

    The rehabilitation of the internally displaced population due to the war is also listed as a point to which “the government should give priority to.”

    Furthermore, the council called on the government to create an enabling environment for the early launch of an all-inclusive national dialogue in the country.  It also entailed the need for an independent body that can operate its function free from any pressure, in its administration of the national dialogue.

    Abdulqadir expressed hope that the national dialogue, as a platform, will help solve problems that have lasted centuries in the country and asked the government to launch it immediately.

    Furthermore, the joint council stated its stand on the peaceful resolution of political differences as the “best way” to achieve political ambition with little human and material cost.

    “The joint council strongly urges all conflicting political forces in the country to resolve their political differences in a round table,” the council said.

    However, it stated that this point does not imply the idea of negotiation since the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) did not stop the offensive. The Council’s chairwomen, Rahel Bafe (PhD), who also briefed journalists said “The war is between the two parties, as long as one party does not stop it, citizens have the right to defend themselves and the government has the duty of protecting its citizens.”

    Contributed by Amanuel Yelkal

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