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SocietyMoE plans to pilot new curriculum in 687 schools

MoE plans to pilot new curriculum in 687 schools

Three Local factories picked for book printing

The Ministry of Education (MoE) finalized the revision of the existing education curriculum for grade one to grade twelve. The new curriculum will be tested in 589 primary schools and 98 secondary schools this year, except in Tigray regional state and full implementation of the new curriculum is set to commence by next year (2015 E.C).

The new curriculum introduces a new subject matter on Career and Technical education, which will be given for students of grade eleven and twelve.

Integrated pre-primary syllabus has been prepared for kindergarten students and two years of kindergarten education has also been included in Ethiopia’s education curriculum, for the first time.

The Ministry has been crafting a new education roadmap, policy, framework, curriculum, content flow chart, syllabus and books for the last couple of years. Instructors and experts of five universities, including Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa, Hawassa, and Jima engaged in the crafting of the curriculum, while Mekelle disengaged since 2020 due to the ongoing conflict.

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The curriculum revision fundamentally overhauls the existing curriculum, which has been in place for over 25 years with minor revisions undertaken since it was put in place.

“The existing curriculum failed to create ethical and principled generation, skilled and employable, digitally literate, and all-rounded human capital, equipped with indigenous and global knowledge, according to the diagnosis,” said Zafu Abraha, Curriculum Development and Implementation Directorate Director at the MoE.

Contents of student text books, teacher texts, training manuals have been prepared for publication.

For the piloting phase, publication of 128 types of books for primary and secondary schools has already been ordered. And local and international printing companies will participate in the printing of books for the total implementation phase for the next year.

Abay Printing and Packaging Factory, a new state-owned printing factory, inaugurated in Gelan town; and Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise have been picked based on evaluations on Digital printing machines, sufficient paper stock, and efficiency.

The Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise based in Addis Ababa has already started printing the books.

National teams will be dispatched to the 687 selected schools in a bid to collect feedbacks and make final touches on the new curriculum.

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