Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    Politics TPLF used UN Vehicles for looting, Ministry

     TPLF used UN Vehicles for looting, Ministry


    The Ministry of Industry (MoI) says machineries looted from factories in Kombolcha and Dessie were transported by vehicles displaying UN-plates.

    Melaku Alebel, the Minister of Industry, told reporters that the machines that were looted by the TPLF were loaded at night on vehicles bearing the UN flag.

    During the robbery, residents were forced to loot and use weapons to tarnish the image of the local community, according to him.

    “The robbery was carried out with the help of professionals while the machines were disassembled during the day and were loaded at night,” he said.

    The study team, in the first round, observed 40 factories in Dessie and Kombolcha to see the level of damage caused by the war. The study aims to show the real impact on the manufacturing industry, and to document and give the necessary support to the industries, said Melaku.

    According to Melaku, a psychological damage has been inflicted on industrialists and their workers. He indicated that the factories were used as make shift military camps and cemeteries. The report also indicated that the group was digging fortifications around the factories.

    More than 11,000 workers have been laid off due to damages that occurred on factories ranging from minor to total damages. Of the 40 factories, 24 had minor damages, eight were moderately damaged, and the remaining eight were destroyed.

    E Food Manufacturing, Dessie Mineral Water, Dessie Construction Material Production Center, Gosh Meda Pipeline and Plastic factory are among the industries that have suffered the most damages, as well as lootings.

    A survey is also underway to identify those industries that can easily get back to production. As a result, discussions have been held with City Administrations and investors, and was stated that support and follow-up work is underway for those returning to normal activities.

    The damaged industries need professional support and preparations are underway to deploy professionals to the affected areas starting from Monday. On the other hand, government agencies will be required to start services, including Revenue Bureau, Electric utility Service, Customs, ethio telecom, and Ethiopian shipping and logistics service enterprise, in war affected areas of Amhara region.

    The Ministry is planning to hold a wide-range of discussions with investors on Monday, December 20, 2021. Stakeholders are expected to attend the meeting and get the necessary support for the damages incurred.

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