Saturday, August 20, 2022
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    PoliticsLawmakers discuss draft bills as Kimant referendum gets approval

    Lawmakers discuss draft bills as Kimant referendum gets approval


    During a busy first week of parliament, lawmakers discussed various draft bills, including the long-awaited urban planning proclamation.

    Meanwhile, the House of the Federation on Tuesday approved the results of the self-administration referendum held in eight kebeles where the Kimant and Amhara people co-exist in the Amhara Regional State.

    According to the deputy whip, Amanuel Abraham, the proclamation was drafted to properly manage and integrate urban areas and fill the gap in the existing Urban Planning Proclamation No. 574/2008.

    It was also intended to add new type of plans, improve the participation and ownership of the people as well as to hold accountable those who violate urban plans.

    Amanuel also briefed members of the house about details of the proclamation. After a thorough discussion, the proclamation was referred to the pertinent standing committee.

    What is more, the house at the same session discussed a controversial draft law that was tabled to amend the Federal Civil Servant Proclamation.

    The house also discussed and referred seven other draft proclamations to pertinent bodies.

    Regarding the results of the Kimant plebiscite, seven of the eight kebeles opted to stick with the existing administrative arrangement while one kebele – Quaber Lomye – preferred to join the Kimant self-administrative zone, according to the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

    Some 20,824 people residing in the eight kebeles took part in the referendum held in September 2017.

    The Kimant people, who live inside the Amhara Regional State, gained self-administrative status two years ago.

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