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PoliticsCassation court suspends Bekele’s bail

Cassation court suspends Bekele’s bail

The Federal Supreme Court, Cassation Bench passed an order today to suspend the decision of the Appellant Court to grant bail to Bekele Gerba, deputy chairperson of the Oromo Federalist congress (OFC).

The suspension came just one day after the appellant court which has been reviewing Bekele’s appeal for bail decided that the plaintiff deserves to be released on bail.

Bekele’s appeal was based on the decision of the lower court which denied him bail in spite of the amendment of the charges that Bekele faces from terrorism to ordinary criminal charges.

He argued at a lower instance court that the amendment of charges that he faces to criminal charges would qualify to be released on bail. Nevertheless, the lower court denied Bekele’s appeal and decided that he should be remanded under custody through the duration of his trail.

That was when, Bekele decided to take the case to the Supreme Court and appeal the decision of the lower court. Although, the decision of appellant court went his way, it was suspended one day after by the cassation bench.

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According to sources, the decision of the cassation bench came after federal prosecutors petitioned the former claiming that basic error of law was committed when the appellant court decided to reverse lower instance court’s decision to grant bail to Bekele.

On the other hand, sources also indicate that prosecutors’ petition also includes a procedural issue where they pointed out that appellant court’s decision to entertain Bekele’s appeal for bail was not right while prosecutors own appeal regarding the very amendment of charges from terrorism to criminal charges was still pending.

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