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Samsung’s latest gizmos and the future with technology

 Cape Town, South Africa

The latest cutting-edge tech news of the past week is the launching of Quantum Led (Q-Led) 100 percent color volume TV by Samsung Electronics.

Turning a mere science fiction into reality, the new Q-led technology is nano-sized particles that express different colors depending on their size.

One of the latest tech trends, Q-led TV was showcased at the annual Samsung Africa Forum that took place between February 23 and 25 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The first of its kind with 100 percent color volume, it represents the color that can be expressed at varying levels of brightness.

For example, a leaf can be perceived as having many different shades, ranging from yellowish-green to turquoise, depending on the brightness of the light. Samsung Q-led TV displays are able to capture these subtle differences in color pertaining to brightness. This means that the devices can express all colors at any brightness level, with even the subtlest differences visible at the Q-led peak luminance between 1,500 and 2,000 nits.

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“With the advent of Q led TV, Samsung will provide the most true-to-life on-screen images after successfully solving past inconsistencies in the viewing experience and pain points noted by consumers. While we are redefining the fundamental value of TV with this range, we have also placed a strong focus on ensuring that there will be models available to suit the pockets of our emerging market customers,” Lance Shaun Berger, business unit head with TV/AV at Samsung South Africa, said.

With this brightest, most colorful panel the South Korean electronics manufacturer redefines the meaning of TV with features such as swivel mount that allows the screen to tilt up to 10 degrees once mounted. No more drilling and re-drilling holes.

This Q series comes in three forms, the entry level Q7, the curved Q8, and the flagship flat Q9. The Q9 features an all-metal finish; incredibly thin, easily less than 10 mm all the way down the body.

 It has also a pair of built-in speakers, a transparent optical cord that runs from the Q9 to the one Connect Box up to five meters away.

Samsung says brightness no longer has to be compromised; rather it reached a perfection of color performance; better viewing angles, better color reproduction, and better peak luminance. This TV is smart with features such as for spiffy, new iOS and Android app that will enable one to receive live notification from the TV and help locate the content.

This is a digital watchdog also suggesting what to watch. In addition to that, content provider sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and HBO Go are available.

“This breakthrough is a result of Samsung’s switch to a new metal quantum Dot material, making it possible for the TV to express a significantly improved range of color, with much greater detail compared to conventional TVs,” Berger explains.

During this display of cutting-edge technology, other products such as MS 750 sound bar, the 9kg and 12 kg add washing machines were launched. “The Samsung Add wash front load washer is designed around modern needs for speed, efficiency, and convenience. You can wash a load in as little as half an hour and you can control your machine using the smart control app on a mobile phone,” Michael McKechnie, director of Digital Appliance Group at Samsung South Africa, said.

Samsung’s award winning wind free well-mounted air conditioner was also launched at the occasion. The new AR9500 m air conditioner has Samsung’s exclusive wind free cooling technology, and is believed to be suitable for overcoming Africa’s traditionally warm and humid climate.

The displaying room was filled with groundbreaking technologies such as New TMF refrigerator, new Samsung A series apparatus, and other gadgets. The new technology is very expensive but Samsung believes in due course it would be affordable for the middle class. Last year has been one of the most challenging times for Samsung after the meltdown of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 highly affected its profit margin.

According to Patricia King’or, head of marketing, PR and candidate citizenship Samsung East and Central Africa, though the brand is affected, thanks to Samsung’s good reputation, loyal customers have been forgiving.

Patricia said that Samsung electronics identified Galaxy note 7 handsets were packed with lithium-ion batteries, and when the electrodes touch, it can sometimes lead to short circuits within the battery cells. Samsung called in all the purchased phones and replaced with other models that according to Patricia highly affected the bottom line of company.

Now on the verge of launching Samsung Galaxy S8, airport warning announcements that airline passengers are not to take their Samsung Galaxy note 7 smartphones onto planes is still a constant reminder of the melting phone.

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