Friday, June 9, 2023
PoliticsEthiopia to repatriate citizens stranded in Libya

Ethiopia to repatriate citizens stranded in Libya

In backdrop of widespread allegation of slave trade and human trafficking in the fragile state of Libya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today announced that the government of Ethiopia is working to repatriate Ethiopians who are stranded in Libya.

The Ministry also said that it has been able to identify the locations of the victims.

In a discussion held among African and European leaders in Cote d’Ivoire a week ago, the Libyan government was given an assignment to put an end to the slave trade, according to the Ministry’s spokesperson Meles Alem. If the Libyan government fails to do so, African and European nations agreed to take their own measures to repatriate their citizens from Libya.

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Meles was reserved from saying where the migrants are located but said that the Ethiopian government is preparing to repatriate its citizens from Libya.

The number of migrants in Libya is not clearly known because of the wide stateless regions in Libya, said the spokesperson.

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