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The Invisible World

People are used to Art exhibitions debut in confined spaces and chatter filling the room, usually taken aback by the sophistication and culture presented by the artist’s work. Adonawiros events looked to shake that up a bit by organizing an exhibition in the heart of the Erer forest.

Organizing a three-day event artist, Fiseha Amde debuted his work titled “The Invisible World.” The event included more than the exhibition, with a community of artists from the music, literature and other arts coming together to put on a magnificent display of “Tibeb.”

The team organized the event in the forest of Mount Erer from March 25 – 27, 2022, which included a two-day camping trip, traditional foods and drinks, hiking and a return transportation, all for 999 birr for a three-day full package and 499 birr for a one-day package.

The first day kicked-off with the opening of the exhibition, traditional food, singing around a campfire and camping. The second day commenced with a hiking trip to the top of the mountain and then a guided painting session was held, complete with all the equipment’s the attendees need. The day did not end there, with attendees gathered around campfires to hear poems and “Qine.”

The third day concluded with a hike to a natural spring and then with a display of the art the attendants had created.

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The event organizing team plan to organize such events in places around Ethiopia. The unusual display aims to explore the inner-connections of people with the forest and nature in general. Other events look to elevate how people experience artistic displays of creativity in the most authentically Ethiopian way.

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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


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