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BusinessEthio telecom unlocks wireless broadband, gears up for historic competition

Ethio telecom unlocks wireless broadband, gears up for historic competition

Ethio telecom has introduced a home based Wireless 4G/ WTTx service for its customers residing in areas where broadband service is not accessible. The new technology enables the provision of high speed broadband internet service.

The new wireless broadband internet service is also a proven solution for small enterprises and businesses, according to Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom.

The 4G home wireless broadband internet service uses the existing Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) or 4G LTE mobile network as an option to fixed broadband internet service, to provide them an alternative high-speed capacity broadband connection at their preferred areas, where wired broadband internet services are inaccessible.

The new wireless technology relieves Ethio telecom from investing in infrastructures like towers, poles and cables, according to Mohammed Haji, Chief Sales Officer at Ethio Telecom.

“One of the peculiarities of the new service is: there is no need to pull and push a wire and conducted a study on how the broadband can be feasible and so on. This also saves us time, apart from saving resources,” Mohammed told The Reporter.

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The new WTTx service needs only a fraction of minutes for the operation and is provided from selected sales centers of Ethio Telecom.

The company launched the service at a testing level in 13 sales centers. Ethio Telecom also supplied 4G Wi-Fi devices at an affordable price.

The service, which is provided for selected areas in Addis Ababa, aims to address especially those areas with low access to fixed broadband service.

Frehiwot said the company will fully and widely commence the service shortly in areas where 4G LTE services have already been deployed.

The company has targeted to get hold of 70,000 customers from the new wireless broadband service shortly. And according to Mohammed, Ethio Telecom is on its way to launching new additional services soon.

The state owned giant is already exploiting its competitive edge, as part of its preparation to maintain its market share with Safaricom Ethiopia Plc, which is slated to launch its service in April 2022, and is expected to take a bite of the apple.

As of February 2022, Ethio telecom had 63 million customers, of which 24.5 million of them are mobile broadband customers, 467,000 fixed broadband subscribers, and has 500 sales centers nationwide.comm

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