Saturday, June 10, 2023
Speak Your MindExpecting the bare minimum

Expecting the bare minimum

We all like it when people do good things for us, especially when it is something that we would like others to do for us. Who doesn’t right? There are people who go the extra mile to appreciate what has been done for them and there are others who simply take it for granted.

Those of us who expect the bare minimum from others appreciate a lot when others do even the minimum for us. People who expect a lot from others often fail to see even the bigger things that were done for them. I believe that in one way or another, people like to be appreciated when they do something good for others. The appreciation may be a simply thank you or a simple acknowledgement of what has been done for them.

Sometimes it is even ok if people do not say thank you or acknowledge orally what we have done for them. Have you ever seen people who like to abuse your kindness and patience? Have you ever met people who interpret your politeness and patience as fear or weakness?

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In fact, it is not on many occasions that I meet such kind of people. I feel that sometimes people respect you when you are rude. I feel people who are rude, loud, disrespectful and fearless are better respected and appreciated than those who are reserved, quiet and polite.

Have you ever observed that when you order someone in an imposing and close-to-disrespectful manner, people tend to obey? And when you ask them to do in a nice and kindest way possible, they tend not to see the urgency of your order and delay what you have asked them to do? I wonder why that is. Many people are wired to respond and obey to people who are imposing, demanding, bold, almost rude and seemingly powerful.

For me, when people fail to acknowledge your patience and kindness, that is when the disrespect starts. Feeling you are too weak or fearful, they think they can say anything and do anything to you. What they fail to understand is that each individual has their own limits.

When people are silent while being abused, it is not because they did not feel the abuse. When people are patient, it is not because they did not feel the need to repay you in kind for what you have done to them. There is a red line that can’t be crossed.

Just because we have not seen the oil boiling and bubbling, it does not mean that it is not hot. So let us not take patience and silence for granted!

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