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ArtA Mecca of creativity

A Mecca of creativity

Passing through the street leading from Atlas intersection to Urael, eyes are bound to be captured by the color filled entry way of the newly opened, Atmosphere, a spot that has become a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions. The beautifully decorated drive way is no different from entering a different “atmosphere.” The building has different parts and each manage to hold their own in providing an artistic aesthetic that takes anyone wishing to enter an elevated state of mind.

Atmosphere is “a mecca of creativity” that offers a communal space, food and drinks, retail space, a spacious art gallery, theatre, a networking opportunity, a state-of-the-art music studio, working space and a bar. It was incepted by the people who founded LinkUp Addis Magazine and series of events, including Afromile, take a chill, and Zoya. They have opened up Atmosphere where all of these talents could merge and shine to transform the nightlife, music, photography, digital media and so much more.

The three individuals: Eyasu Abdela, Eyob Workneh and Mathias Aklilu, were in the event organizing business when they collectively noticed the lack of a platform to promote events, where artistic and creative expressions could be shared. Along with their previous founding member, Beni Yoseph, they decided to start their own digital magazine that centered on art, events, music and all that those encompassed.

“When we started it out, we were planning events and we had no means of promoting it unless we went to newspapers or radios. There was nothing specifically dedicated for event advertising. So, we decided to have a platform that promotes events around Addis Ababa. We started promoting events for free, especially when they’re first timers. We also promoted our own event and before we knew it, we had a prominent following. The magazine along with the events and social media amassed a huge following,” said Eyasu Abdela, Partnership and relationship manager and co-founder of LinkUp Addis.

Since the first issue of the magazine was published back in June 2018 with Rophnan’s interview, it has consistently delivered a dynamic, graphically elite, content filled magazine every month. They have expanded their reach on visual, digital, audio and still art ever since, contributing to the rising event organizing business in the city as well as giving platforms for underground artists and artists that aren’t mainstream yet.

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The new spot is a place where anyone can go and enjoy a relaxing ambiance of creativity, while getting delicious food, drinks and a variety of activities and spots to choose from. The Atmosphere compound boasts seven facilities within the compound offering multiple services, with each providing an immersive experience of their own. Another part of it, “the slope”, is a micro-park for film screenings, yoga and more.

The Parking, a double entendre on park-king, is a vast parking lot blanketed by warm star like lights that serves as a community hub inside the compound. The enigmatic facilities get better and better as you go through and explore further.

The center has set out to be a hub for Art and culture by bringing communities together with the love and appreciation of crafts. Setting up a studio within Atmosphere to curate house music from their existing artists as well as up and coming artists is The Fabrica, which broadcast Podcasts for their new platforms and creates music from other genre and established artists as well.

“We opened this place because we knew about the challenges of organizing events and finding venues. We wanted to create a space that would serve as a mecca of creativity, a place where people could come and enjoy themselves with boundless choices,” said Eyasu.

“We designed the place with audiences in mind, we decided what goes where and what serves what purpose and here we are. It’s been 17 days since we launched and it has been good so far,” added Eyasu.

There is much to expect from the team that managed to scale up their event visibility and number of attendants from 198 to 1800 at Zoya, taking the event across borders to Kenya and managing to bring performers from Kenya and other African countries.

“We are currently working on a ticket buying platform, Afromile, where we will sell discounted tickets to concerts and events. We also have original podcasts that are sought after. Every week on the weekends, Friday to Sunday, we’re going to have events here at every corners of Atmosphere simultaneously. We are going to create an experiential space where people could choose where to be while being in one compound full of options,” concluded Eyasu.

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