Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Armed robbers target fuel stations in new crime wave

Security agencies have reported an increase in robberies at petrol stations in which several guards have been killed by the criminals, who later make off with cash and property worth millions of shillings. At least 20 attacks on petrol stations have been recorded across the country since the year began.

In most of the incidents, the criminals attack the guards at around 1am before breaking into the safe where they steal money. The criminals then dismantle the CCTV camera systems and take off.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said the attacks on petrol stations are on the increase despite their sensitization campaign for the station managers to raise security alertness.

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“In most of the cases, the criminals are targeting petrol stations that don’t have enough security. You find that the petrol station has a single guard or guards don’t take security precautions. In other areas, there is connivance between the criminals and the workers at the petrol stations,” Enanga said yesterday.

The latest incidents were in Mubende Town in Mubende District and another at Kyengera in Nsangi Town Council, Wakiso District last week. 


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