Saturday, July 13, 2024

Youth in South Sudan are slowly embracing circumcision, Health Ministry says

Over 2,500 people, mostly youth from Jonglei have so far taken up voluntary circumcision.

On Thursday, the State Minister of Health toured Malual Chat Military Hospital to assess the progress of the exercise.

The Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision program was rolled out last year as a health mitigating factor. According to research, circumcision can significantly reduce the risk of contracting HIV Aids and other STI related causes by up to 40 percent.

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Bior Alier Aluong, the RTI Clinical Supervisor revealed that the number of those seeking the service have increased significantly in the past weeks.

However, Aluong added that the RTI program has also planned to extend the exercise to other parts of the Upper Nile region citing a challenge on mobility.

He stressed that exercise reduces the rate of transmitting sexually transmitted infections or STIs by 60 percent. Aluong urged the Ministry to support the hospital in addressing some of the challenges they face in the work, given it is the only a referral military hospital in Jonglei state.

He called on the State Minister to help provide them with the little essential drugs they get from their partners.

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