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Ambo Follows Sprite to Clear Plastic

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Continuing to be the first industry trendsetter and in a bid to create more recyclable plastic, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa-Ethiopia (CCBA-Ethiopia) product Ambo Water switches its blue plastic bottle to a clear and transparent white plastic bottle.

The change in plastic bottle color is a part of the initiative to create a world without waste, CCBA-Ethiopia has made a change of PET bottles of Ambo to make them more recyclable.

CCBA-Ethiopia made its second modification to Ambo Mineral Water’s plastic bottle as the second industry-driven effort to improve packaging next to the Sprite plastic bottle.

Such improvements would aid recycling efforts since colored plastics are more difficult to recycle and have far less usage than clear plastics.

This initiative is part of CCBA-Ethiopia’s goal of collecting and recycling the equivalent of every plastic bottle it sells by 2030.

The renowned Ambo Mineral Water plastic bottles come in three different flavors: Original, Lemon, and Apple.

Ambo mineral water is pioneer water bottling business in Ethiopia established 90 years ago, in 1930, in Ambo Town. Ambo Mineral Water became the subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages, Africa, in July 2016. The company currently has more than 520 employees and distributes its products throughout the country and to the international market.

So far, CCBA-Ethiopia has facilitated the collection of more than 10,000 tons of PET from the environment and supported the setting up of 24 PET collection centers. These are collection points where massive amounts of plastic wastes are stored, sorted by color, pressed, and sold to recyclers. Through this initiative of training and equipping women and youths, more than 1,000 aggregators (collectors) have been empowered, supporting the local Government’s waste management objectives by making recycling more accessible and increasing the amount of collection.  

CCBA-Ethiopia previously changed the classic green Sprite plastic bottles into a clear, transparent white bottles in April 2021. As one of the numerous brands offered by East Africa Bottling SC, the transformation of Sprite recyclable plastic bottles from green to transparent bottles supported the Company’s initiative to recycle the plastic produced more effectively. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is committed to doing business the right way and making the world a better place.



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