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    CCBA-Ethiopia Enrolls New Graduate-In-Training Program

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    Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s Graduate-In-Trainee (GIT) program, which started over a decade ago, enrolled 25 fresh graduates last week. After announcing the new round of recruitment, the students are chosen as they showed the capability to reach their maximum potential within a short time.

    The purpose of the program is to ensure sustainable sourcing of young talent at the entry-level of the organization and build a strong talent foundation for future leadership roles.

    The GIT program runs for a period of 12 – 18 months of on-job training. During this period, trainees get to rotate to different functions of the company and expose themselves to the overall operation with a detailed focus on their areas of specialization.

    The GITs will be assigned to a Coach and Mentor to guide and facilitate the role by creating an enabling work and learning environment.

    According to Biruk Adugna, Human Resource Director “In CCBA-Ethiopia we focus on developing, attracting, and retaining the right talents with the right mindsets, especially with a growth mindset. This is why we recruit fresh graduates.”

    “We want to enable well-rounded knowledgeable leaders that can help not only develop themselves but also contribute to the growth of the company.” 

    Over the years, the Graduate-In-Trainees grew with the company’s culture and are made to discover their full capability. The program in return helped CCBA-Ethiopia to build the future leaders of the company.

    One of the early beneficiaries of the program and now the Manager of PET Line, Bazin Gebremarkos says the program made him go beyond and above to reach his maximum potential.

    “CCBA-Ethiopia is full of opportunities if you take advantage of it. Having the willingness to learn and dedicating yourself to the work will take you to better positions. The only limit that keeps you from growing with this company is the limitations you set for yourself.”

    The Company also uses the GIT program as its strategic enabler to deliver its commitment to realize its vision to bring gender balance. The program is proven to be a sound career foundation for graduates with high potential but lacks real work experience.

    Upon the successful completion of the program, Trainees will be assigned to different positions based on job fit, their field of specialization, and demonstrated potential during the program. These Trainees will be given special emphasis through providing various short and long-term development programs along with coaching and mentoring for higher-level responsibilities. 

    Currently, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa-Ethiopia, through its investments in Ethiopia, have grown direct employment opportunities from 1,000 in 2012 to over 3,500 in 2022, while more than 70,000 people are beneficiaries of its value chain.

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