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Speak Your MindCarrots and sticks

Carrots and sticks

Individuals often claim that in order to motivate people to attain a certain goal, you need to utilize both carrots and sticks. I’ll be honest; I’ve never liked using sticks. I am among those who think that individuals are sane beings who can reason, comprehend the repercussions of their actions, and make judgments based solely on the facts.

I often believe that people act the way they do for a reason, thus employing punishment to force individuals to achieve a goal is ineffective and merely increases opposition to the goal-setting process.

Sticks have an effect on animals. Why? For me, it is because they are unable to compromise, articulate and defend their positions on why they are not going forward as we would like them to, as well as provide us alternatives that better suit their circumstances.

They react to sticks as a result because they are aware of how painful it is to receive a stick and would not want to receive a stick in the event of disobedience. Animals also respond to carrots that also involve fair treatment, care, affection, and behavioral training, as I have witnessed.

Simply said, compared to animals, humans are more likely to react favorably to carrots than to sticks due to our highly rational nature.

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But recently, I’ve changed my mind after seeing that some people just don’t react well to carrots on their own. I formerly had a firm belief that people will be highly cooperative in providing you with what you require of them if you are kind and understanding to them, respect their efforts, and speak with them openly and honestly without any sort of hidden purpose.

I’ve now discovered that people occasionally need to be shocked with sticks, much like you would use a resuscitation device to shock a dying person awake, to get them up to speed and remind them of the primary goals they need to accomplish.

Some people view compassion and caring as weakness when they are shown such love and concern. Such treatment can sometimes give them the impression that you are weak and cannot force them to do what you want of them.

Amazingly, when you point out the first stick you plan to use if they don’t behave properly, they will run as you have never seen them before, eager to fulfill your wants at last.

I’ve come to realize that everyone has a soft spot. Finding that soft place is the key. And you’ll be using that as a stick to compel appropriate conduct. While some people are concerned about keeping their jobs, others are worried about maintaining their reputations. Others, however, are motivated by their egos and the fear of being cast aside by their superiors. Showing that we are aware of and understand their soft spots is always helpful.

But even while using sticks to compel desirable conduct is vital, in my opinion, this should only be a last resort. People should still be given a chance with carrots. I think that every possible strategy for cajoling and inspiring individuals should be considered.

Those who you are trying to force a particular habit or activity upon will catch on that you are trying to sway them with as many subtle tactics as you can.

Therefore, when the sticks are ultimately used, I think they realize deep down that the sticks are necessary and, most importantly, that the sticks are genuine. So, in order to enforce a desired behavior or action, all varieties of carrots need be supplied first in order for sticks to be effective!!!!!

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