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Speak Your MindMoney rules

Money rules

In Amharic, we say, “Genzeb kale be semay menged ale,” which means if there is money, there is even a road in the sky. A person can do the impossible with money. This suggests that there is nothing money cannot accomplish.

Money does, without a doubt, accomplish a great deal. We all work for money in some capacity, be it money for us or money for others. Some people adore money to the point of abandoning their conscience and families. And for some, money is merely a means to an end.

One thing that has always struck me about money is that as one accumulates more of it, one needs more of it. Money is becoming increasingly scarce at an alarming rate.

Some folks have sprawling estates with dozens of rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. I always wonder if they can use all of those rooms or if they have people to fill them up with. And the size of a person’s house and the number of people who reside in it frequently have a negative correlation.

Large dwellings are frequently under-filled. People with less to moderate wealth have larger families and a greater number of close relatives who frequently visit and even live in their homes. People who have large residences, on the other hand, tend to be wealthy in terms of money but relatively impoverished in terms of people.

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I don’t want to imply that I dislike money. I adore money. Who doesn’t, after all?

The point I would like to make today is how much everything and everyone is for sale these days. The impossible becomes possible when you have money.

I have the impression that people these days are so desperate for money that they would ask you for money for fundamental services that you have the right to receive nearly for free or at a very low cost. Such services are provided by public or government entities.

You have to line people’s pockets with cash if you want to buy a house and get a title deed. The same is true if you want to connect your residence to electricity. People are asked to part with their hard-earned money for everything from running water to a bank loan, for their children to attend a particular private school, and for a position in a company.

People appear to have simply ceased functioning without money; much like a car would if its fuel tank was empty. All of those seemingly unachievable goals become easily attainable the moment you decide to write that check or make that deposit.

Money is controlling people’s thoughts like never before, and it’s terrifying!

Why have people gotten so desperate for money that they are willing to sell their souls? Is life becoming too harsh to bear? Indeed, I would not deny that life has become too expensive for many of us.

But should we give up our conscience and morality in exchange for money, which can only buy goods and not serenity and happiness?

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