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Speak Your MindBalancing money, power & reponsibility

Balancing money, power & reponsibility

Money and power are the most desired commodities in this world. The thing about both is that they both lead to the other. More money equals more power, and more power equals more money.

Many people, I’ve noticed, are insatiable when it comes to both. And more of each leads to a greater need for each. I am curious why.

I believe that, up to a point, both are needs rather than wants. People require money to survive, and they require power to have their fundamental rights respected. But once that point is reached, it’s all about greed.

Have you noticed that fraud is most prevalent among those who require it the least? To be honest, I don’t judge people who steal to make ends meet. Stealing is not a good thing from a moral or ethical standpoint. People who are desperate, on the other hand, seek desperate measures to alleviate their misery. It’s just human nature.

These people had no choice but to steal in order to survive, because survival is not negotiable. But I don’t understand people who steal and even murder to get even richer.

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I suppose there is something addictive about money. One of the reasons for this, I believe, is that our standards rise exponentially as our wealth rises. People with whom we compare ourselves change.

I find it more tolerable when wealthy people commit crimes in order to become even wealthier than when powerful people commit crimes in order to become even more powerful.

In fact, I have no understanding of the latter type of person. People in positions of authority bear responsibility. I wonder if they missed that.

Power may open the door to greater wealth or greater respect for you.But power comes with responsibility, and you should never forget that.

I don’t understand how people in positions of power can ignore the voices and pleas of those they lead. Ignoring the cries of the powerless while using power to climb the ladder of power and wealth is heinous. I wonder if there is any pleasure in having power that is based on the blood and tears of the powerless.

Is it possible that being in power blinds powerful hearts and consciences? When power is finally in their hands, do people cease to be and think like humans?

There is nothing more liberating than being free of responsibilities.

Why do we frequently envy children? Isn’t it, among other things, a lack of responsibility? These young people are only accountable to themselves and do not bear the burden of adult responsibility.

Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. If not for others, you become responsible for yourself. And imagine the amount of responsibility that comes with finally becoming powerful enough to control not only yourself, but also your family and a whole nation!

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing positive changes in the lives of others as a result of my efforts. Nothing is more satisfying than that!

Nothing is more humiliating than being unable to discharge your responsibility, let alone seeing others suffer as a result of your failure to discharge your responsibility!

What kind of person can ignore the pain and suffering he causes by refusing to accept responsibility? And yet, regardless of the suffering caused to others, these people want to extend their time in power simply because they enjoy the comfort, wealth, respect, and ego massage that come with power!

Responsibilities are unpleasant, and one should be rewarded for accepting and successfully carrying them out. And irresponsibility should be penalized.

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