Thursday, October 6, 2022
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    NewsFed threatens more airstrikes against military targets in Tigray

    Fed threatens more airstrikes against military targets in Tigray

    Citizens advised not to be around military sites

    The federal government issues a warning that there will be more airstrikes in Tigray in the coming days.

    It is a military action targeted at destroying major communication and military sites of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its officials.

    Fighting between the two parties resumed this week with both blaming each other for starting the war. The Ethiopian Airforce announced it had shot down a plane flying from Sudan to supply weapons to forces of the TPLF.

    The year-long attempt to mediate between the Federal government and the TPLF bore no fruit. The African Union, which was leading the negotiation, condemned the resumption of the war, urging both of the fighting groups to de-escalate the tense situation.

    “Citizens are advised not to be around military sites,” stated the Federal Government Communications Service.

    Officials of the federal government accused the TPLF of preparing for another round of war under the disguise of negotiation. They blame TPLF officials for launching an attack on the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF).

    Leaders of the TPLF, under the presidency of Debretsion Gebremichael, who is leading the region, have been pointing their finger on the government, claiming it is not ready to sit for negotiation.

    The ENDF and the TPLF are not the only parties participating in the war. Eritrean troops are believed to have fought alongside Amhara Special Force and Fano in support of the ENDF against the TPLF.

    International organizations are already warning of the catastrophic impact the war will have if the fighting continues. The UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres, released a statement condemning the resumption of the war while urging everyone to lay down arms and sit for negotiation.

    Federal authorities said the door is still open for negotiation without any preconditions.

    Ed Note: This article has been corrected after it came to our attention an error has been made in reporting yesterday airstrikes in Tigray. We apologize for the mistake and any inconvenience this may cause.

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