Saturday, April 20, 2024
BusinessHeineken increases beer price

Heineken increases beer price

Following in the footsteps of BGI Ethiopia, Heineken Ethiopia started distributing its products with an increase on a crate of beer beginning yesterday, it was learnt.  The Reporter on Monday reported that BGI’s St. George beer is being distributed for 251 birr up from its original price of 214 birr.

In the same manner, the same addition has been made by Heineken on its products beginning yesterday increasing the price of a crate of beer from 214`birr to 251 birr, according to customers.

Three months ago, immediately after the devaluation, breweries in the country had introduced a price hike although dismissed by the Federal Consumers Protection and Trade Competition Authority as the increment was said to be unreasonable.

The recent adjustment came because of the devaluation made three months ago as the breweries import some of their inputs from abroad. The increase in some of the inputs is also said to have triggered the recent hike.

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