Tuesday, January 17, 2023
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Speak Your MindBeating around the bush

Beating around the bush

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer to skirt the issue? Some people prefer to avoid the core issue by skirting it, perhaps in the hope that someone else will pick up the issue and discuss it for them. One thing I dislike is when people beat around the bush.

Why would you want to avoid the bush? Whether we like it or not, the bush is unavoidable, and it is preferable to say it and be done with it than to avoid it. Some people simply do not want to get straight to the point.

Is it due to a fear of being judged by others? Is it because they want to avoid dealing with the core issue in the hopes that people will not notice, ignore, or forget about it?

I’ve noticed that the topic that people prefer to avoid discussing in a straightforward manner is usually something very important to the people involved in the discussion. It is of such critical importance that they are afraid to address it directly.

Take, for example, workplace discussions about salary increases or bonuses. Have you ever noticed how frequently this subject is avoided during staff meetings? However, for many, it is the only thing that keeps them coming to work every day.

Avoiding the subject of salary increases, bonuses, and other benefit packages does not seem logical, especially in this tough economy where affording the bare minimum has become increasingly difficult.

But why do we avoid discussing it in meetings with our superiors or managers? Why are we so hesitant to ask this question of staff and management? Are we deluding ourselves, and especially our managers, into believing that the primary reason we come to work is not to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others or ourselves, but rather to do the job?

Many of us work solely for the purpose of earning a living. And for some, the goal is to survive. And yet, when we are in front of our managers, we act as if everything is fine. Even if the subject is briefly broached, many will not dare to elaborate or emphasize the point, giving the impression of someone who is unconcerned about how much he or she is paid for a job that, ironically, does not provide much satisfaction.

What we fail to realize is that by remaining silent, avoiding the subject, or skirting the issue, we are the ones who will pay the price.

Ethiopians, as I frequently say, are not known for speaking up when it comes to having their basic rights respected. We wait for that brave person to rescue us from our misery. When it becomes too much to bear, we make a bold demand for what we deserve. At that point, the outcome may not be entertaining to watch.

I believe that if we know and feel deep down that something is simply too important to ignore, avoiding it and failing to speak up about it will only make matters worse.

The sooner the issue is discussed and a solution is found, the better. It does not go away by beating around the bush! Talking about it will either give birth to a solution or make us realize that there is none. As a result, we must accept that we must try the next best alternative.

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