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Miss Tourism Africa

Ethiopia and Africa as a whole have emerged as the origins and symbols of beauty and serenity in a nation where beauty has become the defining characteristic, whether it is the natural beauty of its landscapes, architecture, ancestral knowledge, or the everyday beauty of its people who populate the nation.

It only makes sense to highlight the continent’s diverse and historic beauty through the eyes of intelligent women, whose allure extends beyond the surface.

Lily Hailu, a renowned artist, businesswoman, and model, has been chosen to represent Ethiopia in this year’s Miss Tourism Africa competition. She has been a successful artist, exhibiting her work at various exhibitions and embassies.

In addition to being an artist, Lily has worked in the tourism industry for some time and has always wanted to promote the beauty she sees in her country and continent to the rest of the world through tourism.

She is a firm believer in Africa’s untapped tourism potential and believes that tourism revenue alone can change people’s lives and boost the country’s GDP growth.

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“I believe that tourism could also help in the exposure of cultures, people-to-people understanding, interactions, and relaxation,” Lily said, aware of the breadth of Africa’s tourism potential.

For Lily, cultural and natural heritage are invaluable resources that contribute to each country’s unique tourist attraction.

However, understanding how to use this heritage for sustainable tourism development while preserving and promoting the heritage value for future generations is a difficult task that she honors and accepts.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Miss Tourism Africa is a global search for special young women in today’s Afro-communities around the world who have the beauty, grace, dynamic personalities, and intelligence that set them apart from the rest.

Knowing the allure of African women, whether on the continent or in the diaspora, the company sought the right to organize an annual beauty competition that highlights each country’s heritage, culture, and beauty through the representation of exceptional women from each country.

Whoever wins the “Miss Tourism Africa” title is a woman who distinguishes herself by showcasing the continent’s one-of-a-kind hidden gem, with tourism promotion as its fundamental core value.

Miss Tourism Africa is a platform open to all black young women from African communities all over the world, including France, Spain, Japan, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US, that brings Africans from all over the world together to celebrate the wonders of the beautiful continent.

The global significance of beauty pageants is more complex than it appears at first glance. The participation of girls of all nationalities in these competitions erases national borders and eliminates racism and other prejudices against specific social, religious, or political principles. It also encourages women to think bigger and achieve more.

Lily believes in empowering women to achieve great things and hopes to encourage more female entrepreneurs in tourism and other industries. Recognizing the difficulties of navigating a multi-sectoral industry as a woman, Lily wishes to contribute to raising awareness and opportunities for other women.

“I believe we need to encourage female entrepreneurs, whether through art or tourism,” Lily said.

More women in leadership positions could help lift the country’s underutilized industries, according to her.

This year’s pageantry, with the theme “See Africa First,” will begin on September 23 and run until October 2, 2022, in Lagos, Nigeria, allowing the world to experience the beauty of the continent and the incredible women who inhabit it.

The competition is set to begin with thirty (30) African countries taking part in its inaugural edition.

Lily walks with pride, knowing she is about to represent her great country, its history, and culture. She claims that if she wins the competition, she will do a lot of things to promote tourism.

“If I win, I want to promote my country and my continent in the tourism sector because tourism can bring trading to a whole new level, to make an inter-Africa tour and trading sector by Africans for Africans and connect Africa through tourism,” Lily concluded, teeming with love and hope for the continent she calls home.

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