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BusinessHabesha Beer plans to introduce new products

Habesha Beer plans to introduce new products

One of the local breweries, Habesha Breweries SC, is contemplating to bottle new beverages.

Getaneh Asfaw, marketing manager, told The Reporter that his company is planning to produce sparkling and still water, non-alcoholic beer and a new beer with less alcoholic content. Habesha Beer, which joined the local market in July 2015, has become a popular beer brand. The beer has five percent alcohol content. The company is now anticipating introducing beer with less alcohol content.

Getaneh said his company started a study on the feasibility of introducing sparkling and still water, non-alcoholic beer, and beer with less alcohol content. “We will decide based on the market study. It is too early to talk about the details,” Getaneh said.

Asked if Habesha will build a new plant that will bottle the planned products or use the existing facility Getaneh said it will be decided based on the study. The study will be completed within three months. The company hopes to introduce the new products in 2018.

Habesha Breweries was established by 8,000 Ethiopian shareholders including traditional associations like equibsidris and Ethiopians in the diaspora who contributed 4,000 birr to 5 million birr. Habesha built its beer manufacturing plant in Debre Birhan city, 120km north of Addis Ababa, which has a production capacity of 650,000 hectoliters. The second largest brewery in the Netherlands, Bavaria, holds 40 percent stake on Habesha Breweries.

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Getaneh said Habesha, which has a motto “Reach and Connect”, has an ambition to reach Ethiopians in the diaspora. “We want to reach every place where Ethiopians live. We are using our ambassador and the national flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, to reach Ethiopians aboard.”

Habesha has partnered with Ethiopian Airlines and began supplying canned Habesha Beer to Ethiopian Catering since July 2016. Canned Habesha beer is now available on Ethiopian Airlines flights. “We want to reach Ethiopians living abroad through Ethiopian Airlines,” Getaneh said. Habesha is also planning to start exporting its product.

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