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Speak Your MindThe time value of truth

The time value of truth

When I was younger, I used to watch a show called “The Moment of Truth.” I also enjoyed the show. Maybe it sounds sad that I liked the show since people were frequently hurt at the end.

A person would be asked a very intimate question about a loved one on the show, which would test how much the person loved his or her loved one. The person being questioned is subjected to a lie detector and receives extra points whenever the lie detector reveals that the person is telling the truth.

And almost always, the truth was hurtful, very hurtful to the loved one of the person being questioned.

They say the truth is painful. However, they also claim that the truth will set you free. Both are correct. Sometimes the truth hurts so much that I wonder if I should hide it or lie about it. Some people believe that certain things are better left unsaid. That is correct.

I frequently find myself telling the truth about things, and the people who say, “You are not required to tell the truth about everything. It is not necessary to say everything,” are often wrong.

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I’m not trying to brag, but I would say that I am one of those who firmly believes that the truth liberates you. I get uneasy whenever I have to choose between telling the truth and lying.

I always feel compelled to express myself. I believe that telling the truth is much easier than lying.

We are constantly at work with lies. Lies necessitate recalling previous lies and ensuring that there are no conflicts between them.

Lies necessitate a large amount of memory. When people on the same team lie, there is extra work to ensure that the lies within the team are well aligned. Otherwise, the team’s reputation may suffer.

Indeed, lying or concealing the truth limits our freedom. We’re talking about facts when we talk about the truth. Facts are independent of what someone says about them. They are accurate.

The truth allows you to be who you are. There is no need for pretense or to hide the true you. And being you provides genuine freedom. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone; you’re just you. And, no matter how much make-up we put on, the truth is often difficult to conceal.

The truth is also perilous. The truth, like in the show, may cause people to suffer. So, why do we say that knowing the truth will set you free? For me, the truth liberates our conscience.

People are imprisoned for speaking the truth. Their conscience, on the other hand, is not imprisoned. With the truth, the conscience is free of guilt and regret. A peaceful mind is one that is free of guilt and regret.

The truth liberates us from the exhausting work of attempting to become someone we are not. We believe there is a way out by telling lies and hiding the truth, but the truth always comes out in the end.

And I frequently discover that the unpleasant truth is better told now than later. People are frequently far more hurt when the ugly truth is revealed after a series of lies than when the ugly truth is revealed now.

To put it another way, truth has a time value. The truth now is far more valuable than the truth later!


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