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Planning to make water supply available to war-affected areas

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Plan International Ethiopia is currently providing services to people who have been impacted by the war in different zones and woradas of Amhara region.

The organization has been designing and working on projects in water and sanitation, health, education, and other areas. It has recently allocated a budget of 70 million birr to provide access to clean drinking water, the construction of sanitation facilities, and sanitary care services for the communities located in the Oromia Special Zone in North Shewa.

Among the main things that Plan International Ethiopia has done with the monetary support it received from UNICEF, 16 of them are working on increasing the rate of water lines, 14 sanitary rooms are being built in shelters where lower-class people reside, and over 10 shower room blocks are being built at a shelter in Debre Birhan where people who have been displaced from many places are staying.

In order to ensure that there isn’t damage to the water lines installed, the company has provided capacity-building training for the groups who are using them.

On the other hand, the experts working on the water facilities in the eight districts where the projects have been implemented have been trained in coordination with the regional water office.

It has been able to buy and provide a two-million-birr water quality measurement tool for institutions found in the woredas where clean drinking water line installation has been carried out.

Plan International Ethiopia

Plan International Ethiopia has been promoting hygiene and sanitation in particular in order to prevent and easily stop the problems associated with drinking and other infectious diseases caused by society’s negligence.

This service is being provided for the societies that are living in shelter camps found in Debre Birhan, which has enabled them to overcome infectious diseases.

Plan International Ethiopia has been able to install 12 km of water lines that cover three kebeles and provide service for 55,000 communities in the city of Ataye.

In the eight woredas where the project has been functional, more than 167,000 communities have benefited from it.

The organization is moving forward with a plan to implement the facility’s services in eight woredas by allocating an additional 35 million birr to its budget. It is also providing access to various services for people who have been displaced from their villages in different parts of the country and who have lost their property almost completely due to the war.

It has made four water facilities in Ataye city, Karakore, and Arso Amba rural kebeles that had been cut off due to a lack of fuel and electricity start working again. It was also announced that capacity-building projects would be made accessible to different regions.

Plan International is working on rebuilding necessary infrastructure in the war zone in addition to doing large-scale work in places impacted by drought.

It is currently working on drought-impacted places, including Borena, Goji, and Omo zones.

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